Michou Bowls


The marriage of materials that are typically placed at opposite ends of the aesthetic spectrum produce results that are often delightful or nauseating. Cape Town based artist and designer Michou Osterwald has created an artistic dichotomy that transcends all pre-conceptions of the mediums involved.

Michou uses 23.75-carat gold leaf, genuine silver leaf or green golds made up of special alloys. The precious metal that Michou uses is molten, milled, beaten and hand-lifted into booklets, leaf for leaf at 0.000125mm thinness, just as it has been done for thousands of years.

Each bowl that Michou creates is completely unique and requires several hours of creative and manual labour. Each piece is an artwork, a one of a kind object that serves to be enjoyed purely for its aesthetic innovation and unusual partnership of exciting and exotic materials.

Gold Leaf

Home Décor

Silver Leaf

Limited Edition pieces

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